Developing sites on topics that interest me

It’s true what they say. If you create a website solely for profit and don’t care about the subject matter it will be very difficult to make it into a viable long-term operation.

Over the years, I ran literally hundreds of different websites. Some larger, most smaller. Back in the early 2000’s topics were up for grabs and search engines were easy to manipulate. I confess: I was part of the big pseudo-SEO festival of the period. I even scored key phrases in some lucrative niches such as loans (and actually, lawns too, but that’s a different kind of niche and far less profitable in terms of Adwords bids 😉 ).

These weren’t negative experiences. Some of them generated an excellent ROI for the time invested in making them. I had a website about the thrillingly fascinating topic of DVD cases back at the time. It made hundreds of dollars a month from Adsense and Amazon. Making it was fun but creating content on a regular basis was impossible. It was the dullest thing ever. At least for me. I’m sure there are people out there who find the topic of DVD cases genuinely interesting. I don’t know any of them but with more than 7 billion people on this planet, they must exist somewhere.

These days I focus on topics that I enjoy. I’ve learned that researching and writing are my strong suits and so I focus on creating quality blogs on topics that engage my own interest.

I think I know by now that my passions in life are pets and travel. They’re a terrible match together, by the way. They clash. I’m a responsible pet owner and when I travel, I need to know that my pets are in the best hands possible. That used to be possible in the past, when we lived near our extended family. It’s not longer the case. If I get a pet and we go out traveling, said pet will have to either stay home alone with daily visits from a pet sitter, or spend the duration of the time in a boarding facility. Our trips tend to be long, sometimes for months at a time, so no, I really prefer not to leave a pet without its loving owner for so long.

Which means right now, I’m pet-less. I crave having a companion animal to share my life with and I’m trying to get at least some of that longing and direct it into creating more websites about my favorite pets.

So, topics that I currently have websites on are cats and travel. What will the next big project be? I’m definitely toying with the idea of starting a website about parrots. I rescued a parrot a few months ago and fostered it for a whole week. I was not ready to adopt (for the reasons detailed above) so having failed to find its owners, I found it a good forever home. I fell in love though. And ever since then I’ve been researching and learning all I can about parrots. I figure, why not turn that into a website? Just like I do here, I can blog about the things I read and learn, along with my own insights and put them into good use for other people as well.

Hopefully, hookbilled birds is going to be a topic that will keep me interested for a long while. In a few years time, when my wanderlust subsides (or I get too old and frail for extensive travel), I can fulfill my other fantasy and share my life with cats and parrots! Until then, websites will be my only therapy for my cravings.

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