The Blog Revival Project: Setting Goals & Strategy

It’s time to reveal my current project in all its glory and provide the framework of what I’m trying to do: Revive six dormant (practically dead) blogs and turn them into successful revenue-generating blogs. In this post, I’m going to introduce the participating blogs and present my goals and the strategy I plan to use.

The Blogs Revival Project: Goals & Strategy

I started this project about a month ago. At first, I was hesitant about revealing the names of these blogs. Why? Good question. I think I was just used to the “old-times” when webmasters-turned-bloggers used to work in stealth mode. I’ve decided to change my ways and embrace the new approach of openness and  transparency. In fact, as soon as I have the final data from Google Analytics and Adsense, I will post my first painfully honest revenue and traffic report!

So, with that in mind, it’s time to reveal the six blogs and share my goals as well as the strategy I’ve come up with for this project.


The Blogs!

Six blogs are included in this project. First, I’d like to present them and explain where they stand now.


This blog is all about beautiful cat pictures. I buy the pictures to avoid any copyright issues. I know quite a bit about cats and cat care, so I try to add some additional information and useful tips.

This blog was launched almost 7 years ago. According to the Google Search Console it currently has 1,428 incoming links.

I stopped working on CatPicsBlog five years ago. Since then traffic and revenue pretty much died out. I started posting again in March 2016 and have picked up steam and moved to daily posts in June 2016.


Yup! Another cat blog! This one focuses on shopping for cat products and services.

It was launched almost 8 years ago with posts promoting Amazon products. It too was abandoned about five years ago. I took up posting again in March 2016.

According to Google Search Console this blog currently has 315 incoming links.


Another shopping blog, this time about choosing the right gifts for children. Every post offers one product or more, all with Amazon affiliate links.

It’s not a very good domain name but it is almost 11 years old and has 41 inbound links. I posted on this blog sporadically over the years, up to 2012. I picked it up again in March 2016.


This blog is a mix of posts about principles of home design and posts about specific products on Amazon you can use for home decor (mostly the latter).

The domain is hyphenated and isn’t one I would choose today. Still, it’s one of my older domains – almost 12 years old – and has no fewer than 1524 incoming links. I’ve been adding posts intermittently since 2008.

It gets the most traffic of the six blogs in the project but revenue has dropped dramatically to pretty much zero over the past couple of years.


A fairly new domain, for a change. I decided to get into the traveling niche because we love traveling and have made two very long road trips with the kids. The domain is 3 years old and I only got around to developing the blog last year, so it has very few old posts and most of the posts were made after May 2016.


This blog you’re reading right now! An ancient domain name bought 11 years ago just because it was a with a positive sound to it. I’ve used it for various projects over the years. It has 186 incoming links but its current incarnation is very young.

I launched as a blog for me to post about my projects in May 2016. At first it was just to have a place on the web where I can keep my “notes” and rant away. I’ve been inspired by other bloggers to take this one step further and the result is what you’re reading right now.

Setting The Goals

So, now that you know what we’re working with, on to the goals.

These six blogs currently make a total of close to zero revenue. You can take a look at the stats in the June 2016 Revenue & Traffic Report. Trust me, it’s not even worth clicking through for the numbers themselves: Each of the six blogs has 300-500 pageviews a month.

In that respect, they are brand new blogs and I need to start from point zero.

What I have is 18 years of experience developing websites and blogs. You can read here about my personal life, why I stopped developing my blogs five years ago and why I’m embarking on this project at this point.

My experience makes me 100% positive you can make money from blogging. I also know it can take awhile to get to that point with any new (or renewed) site. It’s taken me three years of hard work to start making money online when I started out back in 1998.

With that in mind, I’m trying to set realistic goals for this project.

My goal is to get the six blogs to make at least $200 in December 2016.

That’s for all of them put together. Too much? Too little? I’d love to get your opinion in the comments section!

Plotting A Strategy

Managing six blogs takes some coordination. I can’t do everything for every site everyday so I need a good plan that will help me focus my efforts. Each blog has a different niche or angle. They therefore should be promoted and monetized in different ways.

I took pen to paper and wrote down my current stats and my goals for each month in 2016. I also wrote down what I think would be the best strategy for each blog in terms of content creation, marketing and monetization.

Next, I wrote down a “Grand Scheme” plan for the next six months. I intend to focus my efforts on a single blog each month. During that month, that blog will receive the TLC it needs to “take off”. This could mean a new logo, promoting social media accounts, guest blogging, creating freebie products to promote the mailing list with, etc. It may include new monetization methods if by that time it will have significant traffic. The order I’ve set up is this –

July: Cats Go Shopping

August: Gifts For Kids

September: Trip Memos

October: Cat Pics Blog

November: Home Decor Hub

December: Yeys!

This does not mean I’m going to put the other blogs on hold while focusing on just one. All of the blogs will be getting the same kind of attention in terms of content creation, basic promotion and possibly even monetization. It’s the more time-consuming major processes that will be dealt with one blog at a time.

Stay tuned for my next post where I’m going to detail the items that will make the actual Action Plans for each blog and for the Revenue & Traffic report!

If you’re reading this (and I realize not too many people do), I’d love to get your feedback on my project! Do leave me a comment – I may be “old and wise” but I could still use some encouragement!

7 Replies to “The Blog Revival Project: Setting Goals & Strategy”

  1. Hi Anne

    I think it’s great what you’re doing. I like the idea of having a specific blog to focus on each month for the ‘extra TLC’ whilst still keeping up with content and promotion for the others. You’re goal of $200 from all your blogs is very achievable and you might be pleasantly surprised when you surpass it.
    I too have a few blogs I want to focus (two are anonymous) on but the progress is slow as there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day and there’s lots of trial and error involved!
    Are you focusing on just Adsense or considering other income streams?

    1. I hear you on not having enough hours in the day! Thankfully, my boys are old enough now to be relatively “self-sustained” which is what opened up more hours in the day for me – but it’s still not enough 😉

      Great question about monetization! My go-to monetization method used to be adsense. I blogged here about how things used to be 6-10 years ago and back then, it was 90% Adsense revenue.

      I think that the new type of blogs where we switch from being anonymous bloggers to putting ourselves on the front page of the blog, so to speak, calls for new ways of monetization. Affiliate marketing is what I want to try first. Who knows, down the road maybe I will offer my own e-books on some blogs. I want to focus on getting a significant amount of traffic first, so I can actually start testing to see what kind of products my audience is looking for.

      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

  2. OMG, Anne! I just started laughing when you said, “I think I was just used to the “old-times” when webmasters-turned-bloggers used to work in stealth mode.” I never understood this anyway! Why shouldn’t we be transparent? How will anyone trust us if it appears we are “up to something?”

    Look at all those “cat” blogs! I love it! I have two adopted sister cats and I cannot imagine my day without them!

    This is my first visit to any of your blogs and I love your theme, the clean look, and your style. I think I’m gonna like it here!

    Can’t wait to check out your other blogs and see the progress you’ll be making.


    1. Thank you so much! And yes, you’re absolutely right, why hide? I think back then we wanted our sites to seem like they were made by some big company, in the (false) hope that it would give them authority. I think the change started from the audience: People prefer the personal touch today and put more trust in individuals whom they respect than in companies. I know I certainly do!

  3. Hi Anne, great to read about your journey. Looks like we are somewhat similar in that regard, having enjoyed the golden days of “easy” online earnings to the more difficult challenges we face today. I’ve also started documenting my own journey (though I never really took a break), and have similar goals to you.
    Also a fellow cat lover here. 8 rescue cats in my house! So I think your cat blogs are very cool 😀

    Look forward to reading about your success. 🙂

    1. Yes, there were years when the Internet felt like it was a new gold rush. I don’t think it was ever very easy though. It’s always taken effort and dedication. It is amazing to see how fast things are changing and evolving though.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Off to read your blog, I’ll be sure to follow your progress as well. Best of luck to both of us!

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