How To Resuscitate A Blog: The Complete Action Plan

A recap: My current project is to revive six blogs and turn them from dormant – semi-dead – blogs into active profitable blogs. You can read more about this project here where I outlined the overall goals and strategy. Now is the time to delve into the actual tactics. This post sums up a list of actionable items that will help me bring these blogs back to life.

Blog revival action plan

The original title of this post was “How to resurrect a blog”. However, my blogs aren’t entirely dead. They are only in a coma 😉 What they need is methodical CPR from a dedicated paramedic (that would be me!).

Each blog is different. They are in different niches and target different audiences. They will therefore need slightly different action plans. Each plan would be geared towards getting the blog that elixir of web life: content & traffic. The one area which won’t be covered here is monetization. I don’t think it’s a good idea to focus on monetization of a comatose blog. I want to get a significant amount of traffic coming in first.

This post will therefore be a generic checklist for all the possible steps which could help in the resuscitation process. If you’re struggling to jump start your own blog, by all means, feel free to use the list!

Content creation

  • Create a content strategy and a content plan. Write them down.
  • Come up with ideas for SEO-worthy posts using a tool like LongTail Pro.
  • Keep posting at a constant frequency.
  • Write engaging posts with a good readability score.
  • Write appealing titles (and check with a tool like this one).
  • SEO content with a plugin like Yoast SEO.
  • Optional: Create repetitive features (such as weekly picture or quote).


  • Decide on a color palette and a font (or two fonts) for the blog.
  • Get a site logo designed.
  • Create photoshop templates for featured images.
  • Use an appealing “about me” write up, including a good picture.
  • Use colors, logo, picture and write-up across social media platforms and directories and in mailing list.

Social Media

  • Formulate a social media strategy.
  • Set up social media accounts as per your strategy and use tools such as Hootsuite to put it into place.
  • Join forums and online communities relating to your niche, especially any that are for bloggers in your niche.

More Promotion

  • Comment on other blogs in the same niche. Making a genuine contribution and focus on interacting with the blogger as well as with other commenters.
  • Mailing list: Set up a content strategy (automated RSS vs. newsletters).
  • Mailing list: Set up a promotion strategy (type of blog ads, pop-ups and lead magnets).
  • Create giveaways and raffles with appropriate prizes for your niche. Find sponsors if possible.
  • Set up a guest blogging strategy. Who to approach and how to approach them, depending on your niche.

These are the items I came up while brainstorming. Since only one brain was involved in the storm (my own!) I’d love to get some feedback. If you have other ideas which you think can help me resuscitate a blog, please do add them in the comments. If you come up with something that’s a good fit for my blogs, I’ll work them into the list and give you credit (including a link back).

So, what comes next?

If you’ve read my post about the project strategy, you may remember that I’m going to focus on one blog every month from now until December. I will still be posting on all of them, generating quality posts in line with the content plan devised. However, in terms of branding, marketing and promotion, I’ll be focusing on one blog at a time.

The first blog to receive the full CPR is I am going to take this checklist and go over each action item to see if and how it can be applied to that blog. The result will be a plan, broken into tasks with the appropriate schedule to follow up on each one. That is the only way to deal with a strategy: break it down into manageable tasks and set up a timetable for them.

And guess what, I’m going to post that plan here as well!

The challenge: Set feasible & realistic tasks

Sure, the best thing would be to have Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts for each blog, all with fresh interactive constant updates. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in the day. There is no way I can effectively manage so many active social media accounts for so many blogs. Remember, I have another huge website to take care of! Not to mention an actual life which includes a husband and two kids!

Social media is just one aspect. The same goes for every other parameter. At this point, the blog revival project is a one-person show, so there is a very real issue of potential burnout too. While more may be better for any blog in the short term, less would be better for the long run.

Again, I’d love to get more ideas! If you have any leave me a comment, will ya?

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