August 2016 Traffic & Revenue Report

August is over which means I’m officially halfway through to the first milestone the Blog Revival Project. Time to look at the stats and see what traffic and revenue were like during the month of August.

August Traffic & Revenue Report

What’s the Blog Revival Project? That’s just me trying to bring six blogs back to life by doing what bloggers do: create quality content, promote and monetize. I started in June, exactly three months ago, and my aim is to generate at least $200 in profit from all six blogs combined during the month December 2016.

You can read more about the project’s goals and strategies here.

So, let’s take a look at the numbers. I’ll then offer my own insights as to what’s going on and why.

Expenses in August 2016

Almost no expenses in August. I only paid for hosting, a total of $20.

As far as I can tell, I didn’t have any other expenses on the blog revival project this month.

Total expenses: $20

Traffic & Revenue Per Blog

Let’s dive into the specifics for each blog with the following metrics: number of blog posts made during August, traffic stats and revenue stats. In gray, you’ll find the traffic and revenue stats for the past three months so you’ll be able to see the progress made (or lack of, in some cases).

Blog #1 –

Posts made during August: 6

August traffic: unique visitors: 107 pageviews: 164
July unique visitors: 184 pageviews: 262
June unique visitors: 52 pageviews: 106
May unique visitors: 126 May pageviews: 215


August Adsense Revenue: $0.87
July Adsense revenue: $0.03
June Adsense revenue $0.30
May Adsense revenue $0.51

August Clickbank revenue: $0
July Clickbank revenue: $0

Blog #2 –

Posts made during August: 6


August traffic: unique visitors: 686 pageviews: 1271
July unique visitors: 635  pageviews: 1,442
June unique visitors: 124  pageviews: 415
May unique visitors: 161 pageviews: 323

August adsense revenue: $0.43
July Adsense revenue: $0.38
June Adsense revenue: $0.16
May Adsense revenue: $0 (blog had no ads)

August Amazon revenue: $1.20
July Amazon revenue: $0
June Amazon revenue: $0.47
May Amazon revenue: $0

Blog #3 –

Posts made during August: 4

August traffic: unique visitors: 47 pageviews: 92
July unique visitors: 68 pageviews: 107
June unique visitors: 56 pageviews: 120
May unique visitors: 36 pageviews: 167

August Adsense revenue: $0.18
July Adsense revenue: $0.02
June Adsense revenue: $0.01
May Adsense revenue: $0.01

August Amazon revenue: $0
July Amazon revenue: $0
June Amazon revenue: $0 
May Amazon revenue: $0

Blog #4 –

Posts made during August: 4


August traffic: unique visitors: 353 pageviews: 565
July unique visitors: 276 pageviews: 450
June unique visitors: 351 pageviews: 580
May unique visitors: 402 pageviews: 754

August Adsense revenue: $1.18
July Adsense revenue: $0.24
June Adsense revenue: $3.79
May Adsense revenue: $2.66

August Amazon revenue: $18.54
July Amazon revenue: $17.11
June Amazon revenue: $3.48
May Amazon revenue: $17.51

Blog #5

Posts made during August: 6

August traffic: unique visitors: 212 pageviews: 452
July unique visitors: 152 pageviews: 318
June unique visitors: 72 pageviews: 339
May unique visitors: 151 pageviews: 151

August Adsense revenue: $0.56
July Adsense revenue: $0.04
June Adsense revenue: $0
May Adsense revenue: $0

Blog #6 (this one!)

Posts made during August: 6

August unique visitors: 255  pageviews: 663
July unique visitors: 403  pageviews: 795
June unique visitors: 168  pageviews: 377
May unique visitors: 136 pageviews: 151

July Adsense revenue: $0.15
July Adsense revenue: $0.92
June Adsense revenue: $0.02
May Adsense revenue: $0

Total August Revenue & Profit

Expenses: $20
Revenue: $23.11

Profit: $3.11

So, is this good? Bad? Maybe ugly?

Looking at the bottom line, you could say it’s a positive trend. In fact, this is the first month with an actual (positive) profit. The total is only three dollars and eleven cents but hey, that’s better than a total of -$291 in July and -$563.73 in June.

August's profits

If you look at revenue alone, the picture isn’t very rosy. Revenue hasn’t gone down but growth is painfully slow and let’s face it, at this scale, it’s pretty random too.

Revenue growth

As anticipated, fewer posts meant less traffic –

Traffic trend

In fact, this is actually better than what I had expected, considering that I only published a total of 32 posts across the project blogs in August. Compare that to a total of 54 posts in July – a decrease of more than a third – and the traffic looks surprisingly good.

Losing steam comes at a cost

August was a difficult month for me. I was overwhelmed with work and was getting too close to the dreaded burnout point. To avoid that, I deliberately slowed down and the Blog Revival Project paid the price.

I’m worried, to be honest. I wonder if maybe I have bitten on more than I can chew. Maybe six blogs is too much and I should have focused on three, two, or maybe even just one?

At this point, I’m sticking with all six blogs

Yes, I can see some blogs are doing better than others. I can also tell by now which blogs I enjoy more (which is just as important because I do believe that blogging about what you love is the key to long-term success). However, I still think blogging is a marathon and not a sprint. Three months is just way way too short a time to tell much about anything. So, I’m going to keep at it. I’m going to take it one month at a time and we’ll see how that goes.

You can read here about my plans for September. I’m going to keep the cycle of posting and promoting on all blogs, paying special attention to this month (my travel blog). This basically means more posts there as well as developing a stronger Pinterest presence and a more robust mailing list.

Overall August was a mixed bag in terms of results: a slight decrease in traffic due to slowing down but a (very) slight increase in revenue. Let’s hope September will blow away the summer fatigue and I’ll be able to push forwards on all fronts.

Here’s to a fresh, crisp and fruitful fall!

Have a great fall!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

Do you think six blogs is too ambitious for a side project? Should I stick with all six until December or maybe I should lose the excess baggage sooner rather than later? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to tell me what your August was like too!

4 Replies to “August 2016 Traffic & Revenue Report”

  1. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for sharing your Traffic & Revenue report so candidly! I just finished my report for August as well. It’s gotta be a ton of work to handle this many blogs. I’ve often wondered if I should do more separate blogs for particular areas of interests or stick to just one. There’s a ton to be learned from these reports. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment, Graham! It really is a dilemma. My hunch is that six is too much (at least, in addition to two other online projects, each larger than any of the six blogs). We’ll see how things end up with the Blog Revival Project once I evaluate it in December (six months after re-launching the blogs).

  2. Hi Anne,

    Honestly if I were you I’d reassess and think about focusing on building one very highly profitable blog. Think of it this way: If you could focus all of your time on one blog and put say, 12 high-quality posts on it a month, wouldn’t Google prefer that? Google prefers authorities over niche blogs. You could then start earning and re-invest the earnings.

    I feel like your strategy is stifling yourself because you’re just building a bunch of mediocre blogs which I don’t think Google will ever really reward you for. Authority wins all the time!

    You could also use the extra time to reach out to other bloggers in the niche and try and get guest blog post spots to start building your backlink profile, and you could spend the extra time on building up social media accounts (especially something like Pinterest) to add even more authority.

    It is just a thought. I don’t mean to be negative! This is just what I’d do.

    1. Yes, it’s definitely something that I’m considering. When I began the project, I felt like I had enough time to manage all six. The idea was to churn out a couple of posts a week in each blog, promote regularly and also focus on “major” promotion and other projects for each blog, one blog per month. I outlined that strategy here. It seemed to be working well in June and July. August was “burnout month” and now September is turning out to be “too busy month”. So, yes, you raise an excellent point which I am thinking about as well.
      I think I also have a better idea as to which blog is the one I most enjoy working on and I do believe that to be a key element in blogging. So, yes, your comment is very welcome and chimes with what I’ve been thinking. Thank you!

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