Touching Base – Mid-September update

I wonder if I’m currently suffering from jet lag. No, I haven’t traveled to a different timezone. Still here at home. However, I’m right in the middle of one of the most hectic – and fun – weeks I ever had.

The Challenge – A Super Busy Week

For the past four days, we’ve hosted friends who are visiting our country. Not only did we get to enjoy their company, we also traveled with them almost every day. There’s nothing quite like seeing your own country through the eyes of a first-time visitor. It was fun and also gave me ideas for new posts in my travel blog (not to mention the trip reports and pictures themselves which will also become travel blog posts at some point!)

Yesterday evening we went to a family wedding which included a dance party. We danced, we drank (moderately and responsibly!) and crashed back in our own beds at around 2AM. At 5AM there was a knock at the door. My Dad and his lovely wife returned from a year and a half long trip in South America and made our home their first stop. It was wonderful to see them but I sure could have used this specific morning to sleep in. My brother and my sister both joined my father and step-mother as they woke up and we all had lunch together. They left about an hour ago and so I’m finally here, sitting by my desk and blogging.

The week isn’t over yet!

Tomorrow we’re meeting more friends who are currently visiting our country. The following day? Oh just a small get-together of 30-40 friends in our home…

I think that this week brings a level of social interaction which suggests I may have some social skills after all!

What about my work? What about the Blog Revival Project?

Well, I’m afraid that pesky thing we call “life” came in the way once more.

I knew this would be a busy week, so I pre-scheduled posts for a few of the blogs. I had meant to do that for all six project blogs but alas, only managed to pre-schedule posts on four of them. The blog you’re reading right now – – is one of the two that I just didn’t get around to posting in. Almost two weeks with no posts <insert sad smilie here>.

(I would have used an actual sad smilie, but some RSS readers take these smilies and use them to feature your posts with. Your post ends up with a huge blurry yellow smiling face for a cover image. Scary stuff!)

Of course, there’s more to blogging than just writing posts. I regularly comment on other people’s blogs and promote my blogs on social media. Not too much of either happening this week, I’m afraid.

So, I’m touching base here today to boost the blog with a new post and let everyone know where I’m at. I’m at home, having fun but not working as much as I should be!

Taking a break is not all bad!

I may be feeling tired (almost jet-lagged) today but that’s a very temporary thing. At the same time, I feel mentally refreshed and even rejuvenated by spending time with friends and family and by traveling around the country.

I find myself toying with ideas for posts and almost writing them in my head. I know there are some awesome new posts about to be added to my travel blog! Looking forward to putting it all into writing next week!

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