September 2016 Traffic & Revenue Report

It’s time for the monthly traffic and revenue report! I have a bit of an unusual report this month, so this is how today’s post is going to work –

I’m going to quickly take you through my expenses and earnings of the Blog Revival Project which you can read more about here. Spoiler: It’s nothing to write back home about.

Then I’m going to tell you about another blog of mine which I started monetizing in July and made over $700 in September!

For dessert, I’m going to apply some insights from that blog to the Blog Revival project and share my plans for the coming months. Another spoiler: Things are going to change around here.


First, it’s time to take a hard look at the numbers and put together an honest and detailed report about September, tracking the traffic and revenue figures for the six blogs monitored in the Blog Revival Project.

September 2016: Expenses

September was all about Pinterest. You can read about my insights in these two posts: How to promote a new blog on Pinterest and How to get Pinterest traffic using group boards.

I also spent money on two Pinterest-related service this month. First, I bought access to 45 group boards on Fiverr. Yup, people will sell you group board invites on Fiverr. I have no idea if it was worth it or not, but I was getting frustrated so I figured “what the heck” and paid up. We’ll see how that particular investment pans out.

My second investment seems far more promising. I opened Tailwind accounts for pre-scheduling my pins. I’m going to blog about Tailwind soon but for now, let’s just say I’m impressed with the initial results. So much so that I upgraded my Tailwind account for

The Tailwind Plus plan costs $15 a month but I only had one 1$ deducted from my credit card this month. That’s because you get a $15 credit if you use a link like this one to sign up. That is an affiliate link of sorts. It means that if you sign up, you get $15 to your credit which you can use for a free month of the upgraded plan too. I’ll get a similar bonus to use towards my own account, so thank you!

Other than that, it was just the usual $20 for monthly hosting costs.

As far as I can tell, I didn’t have any other expenses on the blog revival project this month.

Total expenses: $66

Traffic & Revenue Per Blog

In all honesty, feel free to skip this tedious section. It’s tedious and it’s about cents, rather than dollars.

Here’s the bottom line: Traffic went down pretty much across all six blogs. Revenue followed suit. The numbers are small to begin with, so I think we can safely ignore the actual revenue figures. The important thing is this: I’m still waddling through very shallow water with these blogs. Here, click to skip the boring details.

Blog #1 –

Posts made during September: 4

September traffic: unique visitors:115 Pageviews: 144
August traffic: unique visitors: 107 pageviews: 164
July unique visitors: 184 pageviews: 262
June unique visitors: 52 pageviews: 106
May unique visitors: 126 May pageviews: 215

September Adsense Revenue: $0.05
August Adsense Revenue: $0.87
July Adsense revenue: $0.03
June Adsense revenue $0.30
May Adsense revenue $0.51

September Clickbank revenue:$0
August Clickbank revenue: $0
July Clickbank revenue: $0

Blog #2 –

Posts made during September: 4

September traffic: unique visitors: 367 pageviews:  1041
August traffic: unique visitors: 686 pageviews: 1271
July unique visitors: 635  pageviews: 1,442
June unique visitors: 124  pageviews: 415
May unique visitors: 161 pageviews: 323

September Adsense revenue: $1.30
August adsense revenue: $0.43
July Adsense revenue: $0.38
June Adsense revenue: $0.16
May Adsense revenue: $0 (blog had no ads)

September Amazon revenue: $0
August Amazon revenue: $1.20
July Amazon revenue: $0
June Amazon revenue: $0.47
May Amazon revenue: $0

Blog #3 –

Posts made during September: 3

September traffic: unique visitors 56 : pageviews: 99
August traffic: unique visitors: 47 pageviews: 92
July unique visitors: 68 pageviews: 107
June unique visitors: 56 pageviews: 120
May unique visitors: 36 pageviews: 167

September Adsense revenue: $0.06
August Adsense revenue: $0.18
July Adsense revenue: $0.02
June Adsense revenue: $0.01
May Adsense revenue: $0.01

September Amazon revenue: $0
August Amazon revenue: $0
July Amazon revenue: $0
June Amazon revenue: $0
May Amazon revenue: $0

Blog #4 –

Posts made during September: 2

September traffic: unique visitors:257  pageviews:  378
August traffic: unique visitors: 353 pageviews: 565
July unique visitors: 276 pageviews: 450
June unique visitors: 351 pageviews: 580
May unique visitors: 402 pageviews: 754

September Adsense revenue: $2.03
August Adsense revenue: $1.18
July Adsense revenue: $0.24
June Adsense revenue: $3.79
May Adsense revenue: $2.66

September Amazon revenue: $17.19
August Amazon revenue: $18.54
July Amazon revenue: $17.11
June Amazon revenue: $3.48
May Amazon revenue: $17.51

Blog #5

Posts made during September: 5

September traffic: unique visitors:237  pageviews:439
August traffic: unique visitors: 212 pageviews: 452
July unique visitors: 152 pageviews: 318
June unique visitors: 72 pageviews: 339
May unique visitors: 151 pageviews: 151

September Adsense revenue: $0.17
August Adsense revenue: $0.56
July Adsense revenue: $0.04
June Adsense revenue: $0
May Adsense revenue: $0

Blog #6 (this one!)

Posts made during September: 4

September traffic: unique visitors: 156  pageviews: 384
August unique visitors: 255  pageviews: 663
July unique visitors: 403  pageviews: 795
June unique visitors: 168  pageviews: 377
May unique visitors: 136 pageviews: 151

September Adsense revenue: $1.27
July Adsense revenue: $0.15
July Adsense revenue: $0.92
June Adsense revenue: $0.02
May Adsense revenue: $0

Total September Revenue & Profit

Expenses: $66
Revenue: $22.07

Profit: $-43.93

So, what happened in September?

September was crazy busy here with all kinds of personal matters. I blogged about it here. I know that I also complained about August having been too busy. Which makes me wonder if maybe this level of “being busy” is just what my life is like on average. Maybe it was June and July that were less busy and now things are back to normal?

Whatever work time I had went into my flagship site and another side project which I will expand on in a minute. The six Blog Revival Project blogs suffered.

How I made $700 from one blog this month

I mentioned another side project. It’s a project that made me very happy this month and also made me re-think.

Yes, it’s yet another blog. I haven’t mentioned that blog so far because it’s not in the English language and I never actually considered it to be “work”.

Over the past seven years, we traveled across 44 US states for a total of more than 12 months. Five years ago, before our first long road trip (5.5 months long!) I created a blog because, well, that’s what we bloggers do, isn’t it? It had two purposes –

  1. To store all the information I gathered about various destinations in the US and Canada.
  2. To share our travel stories as they took place, mostly with family and friends.

Can you guess what happened?

The blog began to attract more and more traffic. People began using the information and following our trips. I kept getting questions from people and I blogged about the answers. The blog has become an authority resource in its niche. It currently has thousands of posts in it and it gets an average of 200 daily visitors, even when we don’t travel.

Believe it or not, I never bothered with monetization, or even tracking stats properly. One in a blue moon I took a look at the server internal stats and that was it. I figured the Hebrew-speaking market was too small to bother with.

Monetizing my personal little travel blog

The Blog Revival Project taught me so much about blogging that I realized two things. First, that I have a gem of a blog on my hands, done just the right way, and second, that it may be possible to monetize it after all.

I joined two affiliate programs for products that I personally use and recommend. One is a car rental agency and the other is a hotel reservations site. I’ve been recommending them anyway, and they had affiliate programs, so why not? I didn’t expect much. Between my traffic and this being a local market, I figured an extra $100 a month would be nice. That was in July.

I was wrong. During August, that blog had close to $300 in revenue! In September, it went past the $700 mark!

Color me surprised!


You know how you struggle with the question of whether or not monetization will drive your readers away? Not only did it not do that, but I keep getting comments from people thanking me for the opportunity to give something back “to the blog”. Win-win!

Why did it work so well?

It worked so well because I – almost inadvertently – applied what I was preaching.

This blog contains high-quality content which my readers find very useful for their own needs.

I have many hooks in the water, i.e. hundreds of posts. Possibly over a thousand by now.

This is definitely blogging about something I LOVE. I could write daily posts if I had the time. I think that passion comes across.

So, what does that all mean for the Blog Revival Project?

I think it’s time for some changes. In fact, I think they’re already happening.

Three of the project blogs are definitely going into the deep-freeze. I don’t really have the time to post regularly, let alone promote them. Also, I found out that I don’t really enjoy working on them and if that’s not enough, they’re not making any money which pretty much seals the deal. Bye bye, CatPicsBlog, CatsGoShopping and Gifts4Kids. At least for now.

I’m going to focus on what I love the most: Travel blogging. I’m going to keep blogging on and promoting it, mostly via Pinterest. I’m also keeping this blog, It’s a useful tool for me, even without generating any revenue. It’s my own “notebook” for those notes that I need to make when researching blogging topics. This is where I can “think out loud” about blogging. Accountability is another benefit. Had it not been for this blog and these monthly reports, I probably would have lost track of my projects by now. So, yes, is staying!

Hopefully, managing fewer blogs will make it easier to actually grow them. The results I’m seeing with my Hebrew travel blog with just 200 daily unique visitors are very encouraging.

That’s the plan, Stan. At least for the coming month. Wish me luck (and leave me a comment!)




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  1. Hi Anne,

    This is the first time I have visited your blog and read a couple of your articles such as “How I doubled my Pinterest traffic this month?”

    One thing I really liked about you is “your transparency”.

    In every article, you have tried to share as much as you can.

    Even in the income reports, you have not hide anything.

    I have seen people’s income reports where they tell a lot of lies and pretend themselves as a successful marketer so that people can buy their online courses or ebooks or may be the product they recommend.

    I wish you all the success with your blogging endeavour.


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