October 2016 Traffic & Revenue Report

Blog traffic and revenue report - October 2016Three days into November, it’s time to look back and see what happened in October. Yup, you’re looking at my fifth blog traffic and revenue report!

Time to check the results of having switched from trying to revive six blogs to focusing on expanding just one of them.

Just in case you’re not familiar with my blog revival project,

Here’s a quick recap –

I’m a an experienced web publisher, returning to blogging after focusing on other aspects of our industry for the past several years. Back in June, I started an experiment where I tried to revive six of my old blogs which had pretty much died out. You can read all about that project, its goals and strategies in this post.

Sometime in August I came to the inevitable conclusion that I was spreading myself too thin. Keep in mind that this is not my main gig. I have a flagship website with well over a million monthly visitors and that one always remained the core of my business.

When I started the blog revival project, I enthusiastically spent 40-50 hours a week on that. Which meant a total of 80 weekly hours in total (sometimes more). Then life intervened and forced me to slow down. I lost steam and with fewer hours, the blogs suffered.

Sometime in August, I reassessed the project and decided to put four blogs back in the freezer and focus on just one of the original six. I chose the travel blog – TripMemos.com – because that’s really the niche I enjoyed the most and felt most connected to.

Yeys.com – this blog – continues on as well, just because it helps me keep track of things. Hopefully other bloggers find nuggets of helpful advice here as well.

So, what happened during October?

The most exciting news is that the travel blog finally took off! By that I mean an increase of 151% in pageviews, from 459 in September to 1156 in October! Unique visitors increased by 223% from 245 to 792!

This is what it looks like in Google Analytics –


What happened? Where did the traffic come from?

Most of the growth is Pinterest-driven. My intensive Pinterest promotion efforts have paid off!

I applied the various parts of my Pinterest strategy but I have no doubt the key ingredient here was the constant daily pinning. How did I do that? In a word: Tailwind. If you’re considering Pinterest promotion, check out my post about using Tailwind: How I doubled my Pinterest traffic with Tailwind.

While most of the growth came from Pinterest, search traffic has also increased. The numbers are still very small but search traffic went up by 110% from 57 pageviews in September to 120 in October. Call me old fashioned but that makes me really happy.

Of course, the fact that I blogged more during October helped too. Seven new posts in the blog, compared to only 4 during September. More hooks in the water means more traffic – now and in the long run.

What about the other blogs in the Blog Revival Project?

I didn’t really touch any of the other blogs that were part of the Blog Revival project. Zero posts, zero promotional efforts. That didn’t mean zero traffic or revenue, of course.

In fact they made a total of $35 in October, compared to $22 in September. Most of that was in Amazon revenue, from the Home Decor blog. I posted the boring details below, so if you’ll keep reading you can see where every cent came from.

Traffic went mostly down, as was to be expected. The fact that the blogs made more money with less traffic isn’t a huge surprise. First, the numbers are small so fluctuations are bound to happen. Also, it’s the last quarter of the year which means there’s more money in advertising as an industry and it trickles everywhere.

Unless I’ll somehow get back to work these blogs, I expect traffic to dwindle back to close to zero within a few months. By the way, if anyone reading this interested in buying them, I’m open to offers. Just drop me a line in the comments and I’ll send you an email.

October 2016: Expenses

Short section here this month. Other than hosting, the only expense was Tailwind (and it really paid off!) If you sign up using my link here, you’ll get a free trial month and so will I, so thanks in advance!

Tailwind – $15

Hosting $20

Total expenses: $45

Traffic & Revenue Per Blog

Feel free to skip this tedious section. Not only is it tedious, it’s about cents rather than dollars.

Here, click to skip the boring details and get to the summary of this post.

Blog #1 – CatPicsBlog.com

Posts made during October: 0

October traffic – unique visitors:86 Pageviews: 117
September traffic – unique visitors:115 Pageviews: 144
August traffic – unique visitors: 107 pageviews: 164
July traffic – unique visitors: 184 pageviews: 262
June traffic – unique visitors: 52 pageviews: 106
May traffic – unique visitors: 126 May pageviews: 215

October Adsense Revenue: $0.30
September Adsense Revenue: $0.05
August Adsense Revenue: $0.87
July Adsense revenue: $0.03
June Adsense revenue $0.30
May Adsense revenue $0.51

October Clickbank revenue:$0
September Clickbank revenue:$0
August Clickbank revenue: $0
July Clickbank revenue: $0

Blog #2 – CatsGoShopping.com

Posts made during October: 0

October traffic – unique visitors: 297 pageviews:  729
September traffic – unique visitors: 367 pageviews:  1041
August traffic – unique visitors: 686 pageviews: 1271
July unique visitors – 635  pageviews: 1,442
June unique visitors – 124  pageviews: 415
May unique visitors – 161 pageviews: 323

October Adsense Revenue: $6.68
September Adsense revenue: $1.30
August adsense revenue: $0.43
July Adsense revenue: $0.38
June Adsense revenue: $0.16
May Adsense revenue: $0 (blog had no ads)

October Amazon revenue: $2.28
September Amazon revenue: $0
August Amazon revenue: $1.20
July Amazon revenue: $0
June Amazon revenue: $0.47
May Amazon revenue: $0

Blog #3 – Gifts4Kids.net

Posts made during October: 0

October traffic – unique visitors: 65 pageviews: 94
September traffic – unique visitors: 56 pageviews: 99
August traffic – unique visitors: 47 pageviews: 92
July unique visitors – 68 pageviews: 107
June unique visitors – 56 pageviews: 120
May unique visitors – 36 pageviews: 167

October Adsense revenue: $0.11
September Adsense revenue: $0.06
August Adsense revenue: $0.18
July Adsense revenue: $0.02
June Adsense revenue: $0.01
May Adsense revenue: $0.01

October Amazon revenue: $0
September Amazon revenue: $0
August Amazon revenue: $0
July Amazon revenue: $0
June Amazon revenue: $0
May Amazon revenue: $0

Blog #4 – Home-decor-hub.com

Posts made during October: 0

October traffic – unique visitors: 252 pageviews: 416
September traffic – unique visitors: 257  pageviews: 378
August traffic – unique visitors: 353 pageviews: 565
July unique visitors – 276 pageviews: 450
June unique visitors – 351 pageviews: 580
May unique visitors – 402 pageviews: 754

October Adsense revenue: $0.51
September Adsense revenue: $2.03
August Adsense revenue: $1.18
July Adsense revenue: $0.24
June Adsense revenue: $3.79
May Adsense revenue: $2.66

October Amazon revenue: $21.55
September Amazon revenue: $17.19
August Amazon revenue: $18.54
July Amazon revenue: $17.11
June Amazon revenue: $3.48
May Amazon revenue: $17.51

Blog #5 TripMemos.com (the LIVE blog)

Posts made during September: 7

October traffic – unique visitors: 792  pageviews: 1156
September traffic – unique visitors: 237  pageviews: 439
August traffic – unique visitors: 212 pageviews: 452
July unique visitors – 152 pageviews: 318
June unique visitors – 72 pageviews: 339
May unique visitors – 151 pageviews: 151

October Adsense revenue: $2.55
September Adsense revenue: $0.17
August Adsense revenue: $0.56
July Adsense revenue: $0.04
June Adsense revenue: $0
May Adsense revenue: $0

Blog #6 Yeys.com (this one!)

Posts made during October: 3

October traffic: unique visitors: 103  pageviews: 331
September traffic: unique visitors: 156  pageviews: 384
August unique visitors: 255  pageviews: 663
July unique visitors: 403  pageviews: 795
June unique visitors: 168  pageviews: 377
May unique visitors: 136 pageviews: 151

October Adsense revenue: $0.67
September Adsense revenue: $1.27
July Adsense revenue: $0.15
July Adsense revenue: $0.92
June Adsense revenue: $0.02
May Adsense revenue: $0

Total October Revenue & Profit

Expenses: $45
Revenue: $34.65
Profit: $-10.35

To sum up this report

This new strategy seems to be working quite well! I’m going to keep investing my time into expanding and promoting the travel blog!

As for Yeys.com, promotional efforts will be limited but I am still going to use it for the following –

November goals and plans

The plan for November focuses on the travel blog. I want to –

  1. Post 6-8 new posts, all of them optimized for search engines, as well as Pinterest.
  2. Increase the blog’s Pinterest following. Currently I’m at 305. I hope to double that by the end of the month.
  3. Join more Pinterest group boards. Currently posting to 7. Hoping to turn that into 15 by the end of November.
  4. Develop a presence on Twitter and Instagram as well. These two, along with Pinterest, are where travel bloggers are at. Still not sure about how much traffic they can actually generate but networking is important as well.

Expect posts about Twitter and Instagram here on Yeys.com too! After all, this blog is about sharing the lessons learned from my research and experience.

How about you?

How was October for you and your blog? What are your plans for November? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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