December 2016 Traffic & Revenue Report for my Travel Blog

December was a good month! Here’s what happened with my travel blog this month, how and why. All is revealed in this month’s Traffic & No-Revenue-(yet!) report.

My Traffic & Revenue Report - December 2016

Why am I posting these reports?

In a word: Accountability. To myself, first and foremost. I started this blog as a way for me to keep track of a larger project where I tried to manage no fewer than six blogs. That was in addition to my flagship site and another private blog. Somehow, this seemed feasible back in June 2016 but obviously, it really wasn’t.

So, three months ago I made the decision to focus on just one of the blog. That happened to be my travel blog, just because that was my favorite niche of all to write about. And writing about what you love does matter! Posting the monthly reports actually helped me keep track of things, so I still use (this blog!) for that. I hope others may find the occasional tip or idea helpful too.

So, what was December like?

Not too shabby, actually. I managed to meet my goals and published six posts that I’m happy with. I blogged about why traveling with kids can actually be surprisingly awesome and shared tips on how to make it that way. Sharing my list of things to do in Seward, Alaska came next, followed by an extensive guide for visiting the White City of Tel Aviv. Our experiences traveling in the US, combined with some in-depth researched, helped me produce this list of 13 day trips around Las Vegas. I was researching for our own trip to the Republic of Georgia and that turned into a nice trip reports roundup post, which was nicely shared on Twitter. Finally, I really enjoyed writing about a spectacular place we’ve been to in 2011 and may be returning to this summer in the post about Natural Wonders in Banff National Park, Canada.

I’m happy with the content of these posts and the nice pinnable images I made for them. They’re already getting some traffic and I have a feeling more will come in the future, as the pins make the rounds.

So, what do the stats look like?

They look kinda pretty, all things considered. Traffic went up by about one third this month!

December Stats

Pageviews for the past months –

September: 439

October: 1156

November: 2017

December: 2643

Most of the traffic is still coming from Pinterest, thanks to Tailwind! Search engine traffic is also climbing up nicely, with Google having sent the blog 273 visitors in December, compared to 143 in November.

Speaking of Pinterest, let’s take a look at the Social Media metrics. You may remember I only started tracking them last month, so this is the second month of actual documented data.

Pinterest: 434 followers (was 394 a month ago).

Twitter: 136 followers (was 76 a month ago).

Instagram: 289 followers (was 245 a month ago).

In total, we’re talking about 859 followers, compared to 715 the previous month.

No huge growth on any of the channels but at least the growth is there. I didn’t put a lot of time into promoting on any of the networks, other than Pinterest. The Pinterest rewards are in the form of traffic to the blog, even if the number of followers hasn’t grown dramatically.

What about the revenue?

Revenue this month was a whopping $3.54 from the single Adsense ad in the blog’s sidebar.

Expenses included the same $15 for hosting and $15 for my tailwind subscription. So, overall the travel blog is definitely not making any money. I’m ok with that. Considering this is a side project for me, I’m not expecting any profit at all at this point.

Goals for January and for 2017

Hey, Happy New Year and all that!

It’s been an interesting year for me, re-learning the ropes of blogging. I can’t go into too much detail here but 2017 is going to be huge for my flagship site with a new project underway. For the travel blog, this means I may have more limited time to write and promote. We’ll see how things go though.

We’ll be traveling in March – Paris & Berlin for 10 days – and if all works well with my flagship site, we may be traveling to Alaska in the summer. That means less time for the blog while I’m on the road, but oh, so much to write about once we get back home!

So, I can’t really commit to anything in 2017 but I can set goals, or at least outline what I’m hoping to achieve.

I think a realistic goal in terms of content production will be 4 new posts each month. If I can make it to six that will be awesome, but I suspect four could end up being a challenge as well.

Traffic-wise, with only four new posts every month, I think a goal of 5000 monthly pageviews by March 2017 is what I’ll be shooting for. That’s doubling current traffic in Q1, so wish me luck!

Goals for January 2017

There’s quite a lot to do, so I’m going to put it all here in writing.

1. Post 4-6 new blog posts.

2. Establish a mailing list registration box to start capturing subscribers through existing traffic.

3. Continue to grow my social media channels.

And if you happen to be reading this post, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Happy new year, everyone! Live long and prosper!