January 2017 Traffic & Revenue Report for my Travel Blog

What? Has Yeys.com dwindled into being nothing more but a home for monthly reports for another blog? Yup! So it has! Basically, this is me keeping notes of my travel blog here, and whoever may be reading this is welcome to take a peek. Why am I even doing this? I explained it all in previous reports.

January 2017 report

In fact, don’t be surprised if future updates may not be frequent. As I mentioned in previous posts, some huge things are happening with my flagship site and my time and energy are needed there. For now, I keep on blogging in my travel blog as well, just because I enjoy the diversion (and the traveling!).

What was January like?

I managed to post four times during January which I think is pretty superb, all things considered. My post about the Best Family Hikes in the Canadian Rockies used a mix of our own experiences and some research done in preparation for another visit to the region this summer. I then blogged about a nice short trip we’d made in December to a local stream in: Visiting Nahal Taninim Nature Reserve in Israel. We’re going to Paris in a couple of months time, so I had to research Versailles and turned that into yet another blog post which we’ll be using ourselves really soon: Visiting Versailles With Kids – The Cheat Sheet. Finally, in another stroll down memory lane, I described a side trip we made in 2013 while visiting Yellowstone National Park in the post titled Quake Lake: See it while visiting Yellowstone!

I’m happy with all four posts. They’re long, thorough, richly-illustrated and a good mix of regions and personal accounts vs. future trip notes.

Looks like visitors were happy too, judging by the numbers!

The blog received 6,045 page views in January, compared to only 2,064 in December! That’s almost three times more traffic! Unique visitors went from 1,859 to 4,825! Pretty neat, isn’t it? The trend is clear –

January 2017 traffic report

That traffic is still more than 90% Pinterest traffic, thanks to Tailwind. I keep working at it, creating good pins and scheduling approx. 10 pins a day, about a third of them promoting my own blog.

Actually, I suspect things could have been better.

Look at what happened in January 15th –

Yup. The site was down. Too much traffic meant it exceeded the bandwidth limit and the account was suspended. By the time I fixed that, the site had been down for almost 24 hours. Judging by the influx of traffic the following day, I wonder if maybe it was a spike in traffic at the beginning of the 15th, corrected by Pinterest and somehow penalized for the site being down. If that’s the case, the stats could possibly have been even better.

I could feel the change in the comments section as well. There were four comments from genuine visitors (i.e. not family friends or fellow bloggers). That made me happy. Engagement is important and it’s also just fun to get to know your readers.

Revenue and profits

The blog is only monetized with a single adsense ad in the sidebar and the occasional affiliate link to booking.com. Nothing to report on the affiliate front which isn’t surprising considering the amount of traffic (it’s still very low, trends or no trends).

Google adsense revenue came to $5.98.

Expenses were the same as last month:  $15 for hosting and $15 for my tailwind subscription. So, no profits but hey, I did have some fun not making money with this blog!

Plans for February

Honestly, February and March are panning out to be so super busy with my flagship site (which has 10X more traffic a day then this blog gets in a month…) that I’d be lucky to keep posting more than a couple of posts a month and maintaining my Pinterest presence. In all likelihood, I won’t post another report here before April, so if you’re following my progress, don’t hold your breath!

I hope 2017 is turning to be awesome for everyone. Leave me a comment if you have any questions or just let me know how January was for your blog!

3 Replies to “January 2017 Traffic & Revenue Report for my Travel Blog”

  1. Hey Anne,
    Thanks for sharing your progress! I’ll be looking forwards to your next update in April. Your travels sound fun and looks liking you are doing well with a few of your other blogs. I still need to start using Tailwind.

    I was wondering–do you think there is any benefit for bloggers to operate more than one blog at a time?

  2. Hey, I saw your comment on nichehacks and that led me to your blog. It was interesting to read traffic and revenue report so I could compare that to our own sites. I wish more blogs would do that, everyone seems to be so secretive or really exaggerating their figures.

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