Info Products

Important notice!

The spreadsheet, tutorials and this page will go up in a puff of virtual smoke come December 2023.

The good news is that you can get it at an incredible discount before it goes. Use coupon code FINALSALE for a $100 discount on your purchase.

This includes –

  1. A detailed spreadsheet that’s both chock-full of features and reports and also very easy to use even if you don’t know anything about spreadsheets.
  2. Eight video tutorials where I explain how to use the spreadsheet tab-by-tab.

This is NOT a course. The video tutorials are just to show you how to operate the spreadsheet. Nothing more.

Click here to get the Content Plan Spreadsheet

The Long Version

It’s taken me many years to establish my little web publishing business.

In the second half of 2022, we finally went past the $180,000 point in monthly revenue. My company achieved this thanks to a wonderful team of employees who work together to implement a set of systems and processes that I set up.

Throughout the last couple of years, I have often been asked to share some of what I do in a course. With my (very) limited time, I felt that creating info products here would fall under the “spreading too thin” category.

But things have changed. Now that our content production machine is humming along nicely, I find myself looking into developing new aspects of our websites. In 2023, our goal is to DIVERSIFY, by creating more traffic channels and revenue streams. Mailing lists and info products are on the horizon.

Since I didn’t know much about setting up mailing lists and courses, I figured I would use Yeys to learn these new trades.

Also, I enjoy creating content for Yeys. Web publishing is my passion! I love blogging about web publishing and interacting with readers in the comments section. Up until now, I felt a little guilty about spending time here. After all, I could be out there creating more revenue and growing my business.

Now that I have my first course available for the web publishing crowd, I get to –

  • Monetize Yeys a little, so that’s nice!
  • Share more of what I know and do with my readers. Also good!
  • Learn new skills that I can later apply to my other websites. Awesome!

In short, creating a course about web publishing – and possibly more courses down the road – just made sense.

I surveyed the mailing list subscribers and asked them what topics they would like me to cover in courses. One of the most popular choices was: How to create a content plan.

And so an info product was born –

The Content Plan Spreadsheet

For the sales pitch and full details, click through the link above.

Also, if you still haven’t subscribed to my mailing list, you can do that here.