AMA Special: Ask Me Anything!

I'm thrilled to announce the up-and-coming AMA! Join in and Ask Me Anything!

Over the last five years, I’ve been on a journey to increase my online income. I’ve progressed from making around $5,000 a month in revenue to more than $120,000.

I just tallied this month’s revenue so far, and it looks like we’ll probably generate more than $130,00 in revenue this month. About half of that is profit.

I now have a portfolio of more than twenty websites. My team consists of more than forty full-time employees. We also work with several dozens of freelance writers on a regular basis.

It’s a big operation these days, and it keeps growing as we publish more and more posts. We may break the 1,000 posts per month record in March!

Until late 2021, I shared my progress here on in detailed monthly reports.

In 2022, sharing information about the company became too complex. So much was happening. It just didn’t make sense to keep on reporting it in such detail.

Instead, I now share monthly reports about four new sites, showcasing their growth in the early stages.

You can see all of the reports I have ever published right here.


I love getting blog comments. Over the last few years, I’ve had many responses from blog readers. I learn from the feedback – some of it coming from very successful web publishing veterans.

I’m also happy to try and share my own experience to help others.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much I can share on a public blog.

And so, this month, I wanted to try a different setup.

Instead of blog comments, I’m going to hold an AMA! Ask Me Anything!

When and Where

The AMA will take place in a more private setting than this blog. I’ll be taking questions in the non-indexed pages of Jon Dykstra’s Fat Stacks forums. The forums can be accessed by members of the Fat Stacks course bundle.

Date: The weekend of March 25-27

Why on the forum?

I think the Fat Stacks community is one of the best out there. The forum members are incredibly supportive, and everyone shares fascinating information there. I keep learning new stuff there every day.

I am used to sharing information with forum members. Holding the AMA there feels very natural to me.

I hope that the AMA will also help me market the Fat Stacks courses.

I have been an affiliate for a while now, and it’s a course that I’m thrilled to recommend. Thank you in advance for buying the bundle through my affiliate link!

About the Fat Stacks Courses

While this is not a full review per se, I thought I’d mention the courses for those considering becoming members.

Jon Dykstra has been publishing successful niche websites for over a decade now. He blogs about it on the Fat Stacks Blog.

Jon’s revenue reports were a massive inspiration to me when I started. I still follow his blog closely for tons of helpful information.

Jon applies the same principles and techniques that I do for publishing websites.

Actually, that’s the other way around. I apply the same principles and techniques that Jon teaches in his courses. Hardly surprising, as I’ve learned many of them there!

If you’re new to web publishing and need a complete blueprint for creating a successful web publishing business – you’ll find it there. The course modules will take you through everything you need to know. From choosing your niche to keyword research, content creation, outsourcing, and monetization.

You’ll also get access to Jon’s templates, detailed workflows, social media promotion methods. You can even watch Jon launch a new niche site from scratch.

If you’re a veteran, I’m pretty sure you’ll find plenty of golden nuggets in the course bundle. I still do (updates and additions are constantly coming out!).

If you’re buying this course, make time for it. You’ll have a LOT of content to consume.

The forums

As a course member, you’ll get access to the forums too. I already mentioned why I love these forums so much. I visit them daily.

It’s a great place to “feel the pulse” of this industry, as people share their milestones, case studies, and insights. As a forum owner, I also appreciate the drama-free community. It makes hanging out with like-minded people more fun.

So now you know why I chose the forums as the venue for the AMA. I was thrilled that Jon Dykstra liked the idea!

If you’re already a member of the Fat Stacks forum, I hope to see you there!

If you’re not a member, I hope you’ll consider buying the course through my link.

See you on the AMA!

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