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Should you choose a niche that you love?

If you're new to web publishing, you may have already heard that you should blog about what you love. But is that really the case? Choosing a niche that you're passionate about has its advantages, but it can be risky too. Here's why.

9 Things That Help Increase My Productivity

Like many entrepreneurs, I too deal with ADD. In my case, it’s official. Several years ago, my kids were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. When the doctor talked to us and explained the test results, too many things “clicked” for me. It just sounded a lot like my own experiences. So, I went ahead and took the tests myself. And guess what? I too have ADD! All those years of priding myself on my ability to multi-task? That was just my unique type of attention. I do very well with noticing a lot of interesting things around me. Focusing on a single…

Web Publishing Notes October 2019

October posts roundup

We’re a week into November and I’m only now publishing the web notes roundup for October. I actually had a Chrome window with various interesting blog posts that I had marked for reading, all sitting here waiting for this but…

Web Publishing Notes – September 2019

British Columbia in September 2017

Time to review some of my favorite blog posts for the past month. I started this series of posts in January as a “New Year’s Commitment” sort of project. Truth be told, I have been super busy during September, as…

Web Publishing Notes – August 2019

Yostemite in August

Time for this month’s round-up of interesting posts about web publishing. The included posts are the ones that are most relevant to me and my business strategy. These are actually my “notes” which I keep for my own learning needs. …