2020 Traffic and Revenue Report

Revenue in 2020

It’s finally 2021 and a good time to look back at 2020 and what it’s been like for our business. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably already know what our reports used to looked like throughout the year.…

August 2020 Traffic & Revenue report

August 2020 revenue
In terms of revenue, August has been a "steady as she goes" month here. With some of the sites affected by seasonality, we've seen only little growth in overall traffic, but at the same time, an increase of 8% in revenue. Here's the detailed report.

July 2020 Traffic & Revenue report

Revenue July 2020
July has been another great month for our business. Traffic increased by 20%, while revenue shot up by almost 40%! This report brings you the breakdown in our monthly stats, as well as our plans for the next few months (they're exciting!)

May 2020 Traffic & Revenue Report

Traffic May 2020

What an exciting month this was! I’ve been eager to write the report for May and share the good news! The bottom line is – Traffic increased by 52% Revenue increased by 54% We’re in profit! If you’re already familiar…

9 Things That Help Increase My Productivity

Like many entrepreneurs, I too deal with ADD. In my case, it’s official. Several years ago, my kids were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. When the doctor talked to us and explained the test results, too many things “clicked” for me. It just sounded a lot like my own experiences. So, I went ahead and took the tests myself. And guess what? I too have ADD! All those years of priding myself on my ability to multi-task? That was just my unique type of attention. I do very well with noticing a lot of interesting things around me. Focusing on a single…

April 2020 Traffic & Revenue Report

April 2020 traffic

Spoiler: It’s been a great month! Despite the coronavirus and Amazon’s commission slash, this has been our best month so far, on all fronts. Highest ever traffic, record revenue numbers, and the best bottom line to date! If you’re already…